Terry Jervis

Business & Media Entrepreneur

Terry Jervis is a business and media entrepreneur. In his early career he began as a journalist and researcher. He then joined the BBC and went on to become a renowned radio, television and film producer and director. His background in all forms of modern media communications is extensive; ranging from traditional media (including print), to digital media – Internet, video games and mobile content. Terry started in broadcast journalism with a fledgling Channel 4 and then joined the BBC in news, features and current affairs. He later went on to run his own department within the BBC (at 27 the youngest in its history) supported by his mentor Colin Adams who was then the Head of Network Radio and Television. Terry juggled between radio and the television services making programmes for Radio 1, Radio 4 and the World Service, as well as BBC1 & 2 for television.

In the more present day, Terry is still active in other areas of TV and film and media studios. Terry recently completed on his phase of a unique deal with Rolls-Royce (the first in its 110 year history). He encouraged the famous engineering and aerospace company (more popularly known for its cars and aircraft engines) to help him build a ‘staRRship’ (spaceship) for a virtual mission to Mars. This legacy project will also look at how we look after Earth and its precious resources (or mine resources on other planets, comets and asteroids), as well as clear dangerous space debris, through Rolls-Royce technology and energy. He is currently working on pre-production of his new film and TV project Spirit of the Pharaoh – which will be released later this year as a fiction book/novel and an illustrated graphic novel of the movie.