We couldn't do what we do without you, our partners help us to keep empowering the next generation​

Why partner with Inside Success Union CIC?

We are a small social enterprise with a powerful brand, a strong youth following and a flexible and responsive approach to partnership. Your support can have a tangible impact on the lives of many young people across London from various backgrounds. We aim to provide opportunities for success particularly to those from marginalised backgrounds in order for them to have a chance to flourish. In working together collaboratively with other parties, we aim to fulfil our objectives as well as yours. If you have a keen interest in developing young people and believe that it is our responsibility as a community to do so, then we are the right partners for you.

01  Empower

Help grow and empower the next generation

02  Engage

Engage directly with our young in your local area, where suitable and spread your name

03  Train

Train and equip potential future employees with the right mind set, skills and attitude


We welcome the opportunity to partner with organisations as sponsors of our magazine, staff uniform or our workshops. We can be flexible with our sponsorship opportunities to ensure it meets your objectives too!

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Run a workshop

You could run a workshop which introduces a group of young people to your company and the industry you are part of. Providing them with an insight of what it is like to work in your industry and what is required in terms of qualifications, mind-set, skills and attitude. We would collaborate with you to create and run the workshop and ensure there is a true need for the workshop by liaising with our young people. They also play an integral part in managing and promoting the workshops to members of the public as well as their peers.

Invest in us

Inside Success is a social enterprise and gain no funding or support from the government. Financial support from companies we are in partnership with enables us to provide support the many young people that come to us. Numerous young people come to us when all other employers have turned them down, or they lack the necessary experience or skill to obtain a job. They come to us looking for someone to give them a chance to prove themselves. Your support can come in many different forms; it might be supporting a team in a particular location, or a particular age range, or with a particular focus to our work such as financial inclusion or employability. We would work with you to understand what aligns best to your strategy.

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Support us

Join a growing movement of people around the world who are working to keep their local communities safe from climate impacts.