The affect Covid-19 is having on young people

Young people are the future. They need the tools, support and guidance to make them into leaders, entrepreneurs and essential members of the community. Coronavirus has pressed pause on most of that. The idea of time off school or work may seem OK at first, but the reality is the Covid-19 pandemic has made reaching London’s hardest to reach groups, even harder. Youth unemployment is up, as many have lost their jobs and those who were about to start a new job, have had their job offer revoked. We’re working hard to make sure young people aren’t left behind.

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With the closure of usual support networks and lockdown restrictions in place, it seemed like the whole world was powering down – making young people more vulnerable. We know they are struggling through the pandemic and here are just a few of our concerns:

  • More time is being spent on social media, which has both positive and negative connotations.
  • The impact on their mental health and wellbeing including anxiety and depression.
  • Those living in an unhappy home environment, have little options when it comes to escape.
  • An increase in loneliness and isolation.
  • Financial worries.
  • Higher risk of young people being exposed to abuse.
  • A lack of routine or safe space could lead to an increase in gang activity.
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One of the main issues that could impact young people as a result of the pandemic is the closure of the places they go to for support. We know many young people rely on clubs and organised groups and with those taken away, they are left without a solid network of support. Many organisations have adapted and moved their services online, which is a great middle ground to see us through these difficult times.

The pandemic has hit close to home for everyone in the world, but when the UK went into lockdown, the young people that sell our magazine lost their source of income. Our workshops and training sessions have been put on hold and we need to be there for them. To find out how you can get involved, or to donate via PayPal click here, or contact us for more information on how you can help.

Inside Success UK wants to be a voice for young people, to make sure their voices are heard, and their value is acknowledged. Here are a few ways we’re helping young people right now:

  • We help young people find paid work experience, apprenticeships and jobs.
  • We will be hosting workshops in London as soon as it is safe to do so.
  • We offer support and guidance.
  • We give any young person between 16-24 access to Inside Success opportunities, no matter their background.
  • We provide the tools they need to learn and grow both professionally and personally.

Although we are seeing some areas return to a new version of normal, it’s likely that the effects of Covid-19 will be with us for a while. But we’re all in this together and need to do our best to ride the wave back to normality.

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