Being part of Inside success has helped me develop my self and it has made me become a better person. Time keeping was one of my biggest problems I use to be late every time but inside success has taught me how to deal with my time keeping and the importance of it. It has also given me leadership skills and the confidence to be able to communicate with different people. I believe that Inside success is great place for young people to go and learn skills that they will never be taught in school and people involved gang activities should see this as a new opportunity and life path to better themselves and make their family proud.

Reuben 17


Inside Success has given me money and independence but has also given me friends that I will have for life. Such a supportive family where I have a chance of doing what i enjoy to do.

Helen 16


Inside success has helped me to gain confidence when speaking to people and improve my social skills. I have been able to meet so many amazing people and picked up life skills and training in areas like marketing and business. I’m happy to be part of the IS family

Yetti 16



Since I’ve joined inside success I’ve realised i don’t have to settle for what is expected of me. I can achieve bigger and better things, before the training and skills inside success have taught me I wasn’t as confident as I am now, I’ve learnt a way to make money and I’ve also met a lot of people that has the same mindset as me and friends that I haven’t had before. I’m Kymani aka Suavey and I have dreams which I now know I’m going to reach and prosper from.

Kymani 16


I have had a great experience with inside success because it’s a very friendly environment you get to build up your confidence skills learn and experience new things and being part of inside success helped me make life long friends and it’s like one big family








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